About Us


Ameritech Protection Services and Ameritech Security are both family owned businesses that were formed to help PROTECT What is PRECIOUS to YOU, no matter wherever you are or whatever that may be.  

Ameritech Protection Services is FOCUSED on the gear, gadgets, advice, and training that will help you meet those needs.

Ameritech Security FOCUSES on affordable electronic alarms, medical alerts, 24 hour monitoring, video surveillance, access control, and intercom systems.

The current owner Shawn Rutherford was the original founder of both Ameritech Protection Services and Ameritech Security, which was established in 2003.  Both company and employees have core values such as:  Faith, Integrity, Focused, Accountable, Adaptable, and Truthfulness guiding our way. Here we are focused on YOU and YOUR security/safety needs, we know that everyone has different needs and situations.  We are a local Lawrenceburg Kentucky (KY) company that generally stays within about a 70 mile radius of home.  However if you are outside of the area don't let that stop you from reaching out to us.  We may still be able to help.  So let my family help your family.